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DATA mission statement: Our Mission is to provide the best education a Dental Assistant needs to succeed in today’s Dental Field.

Welcome toDental Assisting Teaching Academy

At Dental Assistant Teaching Academy, we aim to provide potential students with the education, tools, and training they need to build successful careers in dental assisting. Our condensed course intends to focus on the most important aspects and tools a dental assistant needs on a day to day basis. The academy is based in a real dental office to give students the feeling of working as a real dental assistant. The courses in the program are designed to educate students on various aspects of the dental field, from office work to assisting a dentist with patients’ treatments.

Graduate In 12 Weeks Basic Program

Our Team

Our team consists of certified dentists and dental assistants dedicated to providing every student with all that they need to succeed in a field we are passionate about. Our faculty encompasses Jayme Oliveira, our Director of Operations and instructor; Lisa Barlow, DA, our leading instructor; Nicki Stewart, DA, our instructor; and Leya Carr, O.D.A. Having strong leaders and professionals from the field gives students a sense of commonality through a like-minded, personalized approach. Our experience in the field as well as in teaching is what sets us apart in the dental assisting profession. We aim to train and educate a well-rounded assistant that is just as passionate as we are.

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Our Services

Our dental assisting program is designed to educate and train with both lectures and hands-on work. This includes three months of lectures, books, online simulation practice, a recommendation letter, certificate of completion, and assistance in finding a job. Students will also understand the full functionality of a running dental office, from desk duties to insurance management. Our training is provided in a real dental office with real dentists, giving the students a chance to live through the life and role of a dental assistant. With personalized education and one-on-one and small group training, students are fully equipped to start working in the field the next day.

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Student Information

The Dental Assistant Teaching Academy is dedicated to providing the highest quality education and training to bring about qualified, well-rounded dental assistants in the field. To ensure our quality remains high, we expect hard work, focus, dedication, and determination. As such, students will be required to attend all lectures and participate in training, which will provide them with the experience they need to find a suitable career upon graduation. We will need to collect each student’s full academic record, resume, work experience, and any other pertinent information. Upon receiving and reviewing the application, we will discuss any further documentation needed and next steps that will incur.


5 Class Schedule:

Schedule 1. Monday and Wednesday from 8am to Noon

Schedule 2. Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 10pm

Schedule 3. Tuesday and Thursday from 8am to Noon

Schedule 4. Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 10pm

Schedule 5. Saturday from 8am to 5pm

Make Up To $18 Hr

Plus This School Is Located Inside A Real Dental Office!

We Train Inside A Real Dental Office, With Real Doctors

The goal of this program is to encourage students to further their knowledge in the dental profession by learning dental assisting duties in a hands-on clinical environment.

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We offer 2 course modalities:

Basic: $3,000.00 (12 weeks of lectures and 96 hours of externship)

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