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A dental assistant school is an institution dedicated to educating, training, and providing students with the tools they need to be successful dental assistants. Our academy offers personalized instruction and one-on-one hands-on training that gives students the feel of working in a real dental office. They work with real doctors, use tools and equipment, and learn the ins and outs of all things dentistry, from fulfilling desk duties to assisting with patient treatment.

At Dental Assistant Teaching Academy, we offer two programs that can fast-track your career in becoming a dental assistant. Our team can help you acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to excel in the field. To learn more about our programs or schedule an appointment, call 757-204-2114 today.

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What is a Dental Assistant School?

Dental assistant schools offer prospective dental assistants the opportunity to earn the proper credentials for a dental assistant while practicing the duties required in the field. Most dental schools incorporate both instruction and training simultaneously, allowing students to complete their necessary training and coursework at a faster pace. Dental assistant schools are primarily for those seeking to become dental assistants or are planning to become dentists in the future.

At Dental Assistant Teaching Academy, we have certified professional instructors that are dentists in the field and excel at teaching. In this way, our students are able to gain a deeper understanding of the course material and see the techniques in real-time. Our condensed programs only include five students per class for the highest quality personalized instruction, along with a required internship for experience immediately upon graduation.

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Duration of the Dental Assistant Program

In the U.S., it typically takes nine months to two years to become a dental assistant depending on the type of certification the student is seeking. Students enrolled in a dental assisting program may acquire a certificate, diploma, or Associate’s degree. Each type has its own set of requirements and benefits, recognized by different dental offices according to their demands and needs.

At Dental Assistant Teaching Academy, we offer certification that allows students to work in a dental office in six months or less. Our programs include:

Basic Option: Intensive, condensed program; Runs for 12 weeks, including three months of instruction and 96 hours of internship or externship; tuition $3,000.

Premium Option: Intensive, more-detailed program; Runs for 24 weeks, including six months of instruction and 96 hours of internship or externship; tuition $6,000.

Both of our programs are considered intensive and condensed as they provide invaluable information and training in a shorter period of time. Our class schedules are as follows:

Schedule 1: Monday and Wednesday from 8am to Noon

Schedule 2: Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 10pm

Schedule 3: Tuesday and Thursday from 8am to Noon

Schedule 4: Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 10pm

Schedule 5: Saturday from 8am to 5pm

Dental Assisting: Coursework

Our courses are a combination of front desk duties, one-on-one dental assisting duties, and equipment/tool handling and maintenance. Students learn:

  • Dental terminology
  • Instrument placement and exchange
  • Operatory setup and breakdown
  • 4-handed chairside
  • OSHA and HIPAA
  • Infection control
  • Patient étiquette
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Navigating dentrix and dexis
  • X-ray conduction and placement

Upon completing the courses, students will be able to define key terms associated with dentistry, describe patient care, apply infection control, while maintaining equipment for safety and accuracy. Along with that, students will be able to identify and eliminate or report interference and mechanical problems, while understanding basic equipment and supplies in a standard dental office. They will also be able to demonstrate proper charting, place dental dams, sealants, and coronal polish, take, pour, and trim alginate impressions, and make and trim bleach trays.

Dental Assisting: Training

Dental assistant schools with accredited programs include both classroom and laboratory work. Our hands-on training includes practice activities included in coursework, online simulations, and assisting our dentists in the dental office rooms during the internship. Students will be trained in applying infection control, dental dams, dental sealants, and coronal polish.

The training also encompasses learning how to relay Oral Health Information, properly sit, hold, and pass equipment, and demonstrating proper angle techniques when taking X-rays. They will be able to place amalgam, composite restorations, burs, and a Tofflemire, along with learning to mix cement for crowns and bridges.

Dental Assisting: Internship

Although much of the experience a dental assistant acquires is through physical practice and implementation, we provide our students with 96 hours of internship experience. The Internship process allows students to apply the knowledge learned in class on family, friends, and one another before applying it to experiences in functioning dental offices helping real patients. This provides them with job experience upon successful completion of the program. Therefore, they not only have an accredited certificate, but they also have the knowledge and experience in working as a dental assistant.

Our internship schedule consists of Operatory Processing and Sterilization (16 hours); Radiography (16 hours); Laboratory Work, Impression Taking, and Appliance Delivery (16 Hours); Front Desk Responsibilities (8 Hours); Assisting Hygienist (16 Hours); Assisting Dentist (24 Hours). We believe a well-rounded professional dental assistant has the capability to assist in all aspects of running a functioning dental office, from the front desk to the chair.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Assistant School

What is the mission at Dental Assistant Teaching Academy?

Our mission is to train and educate well-rounded dental assistants and provide them with the tools necessary to become oral health ambassadors for a community that needs their skills. We believe it is a job that not everyone can, or will, do but reserved for those who are as passionate about helping others as we are.

What are the goals of a dental assistant school?

The goals of our academy are to educate students on all things dentistry with a focus on assisting dentists from front desk work to chairside work; train them to inform patients about their oral health and help with treatment; provide them with experience working in a real dental office. Upon completion of the program, our students are ready to work as dental assistants the very next day.

What does a dental assistant school offer?

Our dental assistant academy offers students personalized instruction with low-capacity classes (only five students per class). We also provide all students with books, online simulation activities, extra practice or one-to-one instruction, internship hours and experience, a recommendation letter, assistance in finding a job, and certification upon completion.

How does the dental assistant program work?

Our programs (12 or 24 weeks) are intensive and condensed with class schedules available 7 days a week. Training is done simultaneously with coursework to help students gain hands-on experience and understand the course material they are learning. Lastly, our program consists of a 96-hour internship, allowing students to work alongside a real dentist and acquire the experience necessary to find a job after graduation.

What type of certification is provided by a dental assistant school?

Upon completion of the program, our students receive a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) Certification. We hold a formal graduation party for all of the students enrolled in the program in which they receive their certificates. Many of our students are able to find a job immediately after graduation; we can also help them find a suitable position.

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