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Students who undergo dental assistant training prior to working in a dental office are able to work with their acquired experience and knowledge. This helps the practice run smoothly and allows all other practitioners to do their jobs. Dental assistant programs typically consist of hands-on training that couple coursework so that students can apply what they are learning.

The Dental Assistant Teaching Academy offers hands-on dental assistant training for the entirety of the program. Our instructors and dentists work one-on-one with each student to help them fully understand what they learn in class. To learn more about our training program or schedule an appointment, call 757-204-2114 today.

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Training Requirements

To become a certified dental assistant, students must complete hands-on training that takes place in a real dental office. Training allows our prospective dental assistants to consistently turn learned materials from class into real-world applications. This consists of performing all the duties of a dental assistant, from front desk duties such as appointment scheduling to chairside duties like impression taking.

In order to become a qualified dental assistant, one must turn the textbook into a tangible application, putting knowledge to action. Students who feel they want or need additional practice can schedule a time to train with their designated dentist. We also offer virtual codes for online simulations for even more practice that can be done on students’ own time.

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What Training Entails

Our condensed programs run for either 12 or 24 weeks depending on each student’s availability, allowing them to attain certification in a shorter span of time. As such, our courses and training coincide with one another and are done simultaneously. Upon completion of the program, our students will be able to:

  • Define key terms associated with dentistry
  • Describe patient care
  • Describe and apply infection control
  • Maintain equipment for safety and accuracy
  • Identify and eliminate or report interference and mechanical problems
  • Identify the basic equipment and supplies required for dentistry
  • Demonstrate proper charting
  • Place dental dams, sealants, and coronal polish
  • Take, pour, and trim alginate impressions
  • Make and trim bleach trays

Training Schedule

Our course and training schedule run simultaneously, meaning each week, students will both learn and apply one skill. The training schedule is as follows:

  • Week One: Orientation to Dentistry
  • Week Two: Infection Control
  • Week Three: Preventative Dentistry, Oral Evacuation (how to relay Oral Health Information, how to sit properly, and how to hold and pass equipment)
  • Week Four: Dental Radiography (learning proper angle technique)
  • Week Five: Dental Dams, Sealants, Coronal polish (gaining confidence from seating patients to earning trust)
  • Week Six: Midterm, Pain, and Anxiety
  • Week Seven: Amalgam, Composite Restorations, Burs (placing a tofflemire)
  • Week Eight: Crown and Bridge, Burs, Temporaries (mixing cement)
  • Week Nine: Dental Specialties and their instruments
  • Week Ten: Friends and Family Day
  • Week Eleven: Review all material, allow time for check offs, medical emergencies
  • Week Twelve: Final Exam, Check Offs are Due, Pizza Party, Class Picture

The Internship

Our program provides students with an internship that entails 96 hours of hands-on work experience at our dental office. Interning allows students to apply acquired knowledge on family, friends, and one another to then be used in a dental office. This equips them with job experience to turn knowledge into practice, giving them the confidence to continue developing their skill.

The internship consists of operatory processing and sterilization, radiography, laboratory work, impression taking and appliance delivery, front desk responsibilities, and assisting the dentist and hygienist. Each portion of the internship will follow a schedule with an assigned amount of hours and a list of required work accomplishments.

Internship Requirements

Over the course of the internship, students will complete 16 hours of Operatory Processing and Sterilization, 16 hours of Radiography, 8 hours of laboratory work, impression taking, and appliance delivery, eight hours of front desk responsibilities, 16 hours assisting the hygienist, and 24 hours assisting the dentist.

  • Operatory Processing and Sterilization: Operatory set-up (pre-cleaning, placing barriers, setting up the room for procedure); Operatory breakdown (taking out all barriers and disposing of them properly, wiping down all surface areas, setting up the room for procedure); Sterilization (pre-cleaning instruments, wrapping instruments and loading them in the sterilization equipment, placing cassettes and instruments in appropriate cabinets, preparing instruments for operatories).
  • Radiography: Operating and exposing intraoral radiograph machine (periapicals and bitewings), Operating and exposing extraoral radiograph machine (Panorex, CT scan, 3D imaging), and Operating intraoral video/camera.
  • Laboratory Work, Impression Taking, and Appliance Delivery: Lab Work (pouring models, separating models from the impression, trimming models, custom and bleaching tray fabrication, writing laboratory scripts, packing cases and calling the laboratory for pick up, and checking in laboratory cases); Impression Taking (preparing materials, taking the impression with alginate and polyvinyl siloxane); Appliance Delivery (crowns and bridges, assisting with removing temporary crown and bridge, polishing abutment, checking and adjusting occlusion and contacts, cementation of crown and bridge, denture, partials and bite guards, and assisting with the delivery of appliances.
  • Front Desk Responsibilities: Answering phone calls, scheduling patients, and handling insurance.
  • Assisting Hygienist: Charting, entering treatment plan, coronal polishing, and pit and fissure sealants.
  • Assisting Dentist: Sitting patient, dental procedures, writing clinical notes, dismissing patient, other duties.

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Dental assistant training is available at our office. The Dental Assistant Teaching Academy team looks forward to providing you with the essential training needed to become a certified dental assistant. Call our office at 757-204-2114 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Assistant Training

What does dental assistant training consist of?

Our dental assistant training couples coursework and allows students to practice what they learn in class. Training consists of applying what was learned each week, from front desk duties to chairside assistance. The internship/externship also serves as training.

What will I learn in training?

Students learn dental terminology, equipment and tools, placement and positioning, chairside etiquette, office management, radiology, and a variety of basic treatments that a dental assistant can perform. They also learn how and what it means to work in a real dental office and the tasks and responsibilities of dental assisting.

Who trains the students at Dental Assistant Teaching Academy?

We have real dentists who work one-on-one with students in the classroom and on the chair. Our instructors are credentialed and certified dentists with teaching and training experience. This gives our students an idea of what their careers will look like.

Who will I train on during the internship?

Students who choose to complete their internship with us on-site will be able to work on friends, family, and peers. Some students choose to do an externship which typically takes place at another dental office, school, or institution.

Can I transfer any training hours I previously acquired prior to the program?

The dental assistant program is comprehensive and encompasses the coursework, training, and internship. We provide students with all that they need to find a suitable job in the field. However, you may speak to our management about transferring credits.

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